Thursday, December 16, 2010

Working your way to the're bound to lose a few weaklings who couldn't handle journey

I have a lot of issues with friendships since I've been in school. From elementary to college, I realized that I trust people too easily and that is not a good trait for a Boss to possess. I've gained friends and enemies and as much as I used to care that everyone liked me, I realize that Bosses and CEO's don't worry what people think about them...because they're bosses and CEO's DUH!!!!!! And neither will I. I look at the people that have walked out, been pushed and even dragged out of my life and it just shows me the weak people I needed to get rid of anyway. I'm not a people pleaser anymore. I am Whitney Michelle and I know I have more support and love than I do hate and jealousy....I'm doing big things....and proud of it. 

smiles :)

Rae May
Best friend the world...she's got my best interest at heart

Britt Brat

When I say I can't...she tells me I can

Bishara (roomie)

Always carries positive energy...she passes it off to me

My minnie me

My little sis...has such a "BIG" influence on me. I stay positive because she looks up to me

My mommy :)

I'm a boss because of this woman...It's in my blood

All of these people have helped me in one way or another. I love them, appreciate them, and I am thankful to have them. Even though I had to let go of some of my "closest" friends, I can say these people have greatly made up for my loses. 

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