Friday, December 17, 2010

Bye Columbia... :(

So the semester officially ended yesterday and even though I am now, officially a college Grad...I'm sad about leaving all my friends especially with all that we've gone through together. This is my Metro Minutes class, surprisingly my favorite class of the semester. Ill be including some of my work from this class on my blog very soon :) 

I'm gonna miss these guys :(

I love you guys....can't wait to come back and visit...

On to other things.....

This year, I've lost a few acquaintances who I believed were my friends but I realized what friendship really meant. 

"Friends are born, not made."
~ Henry Adams

My mom always told me that I would meet the best people in college who would be a part of my life forever, but i can also say I have met the worst people too. I have met the jealous, evil, sad, lonely, dumb, hateful, and grossest people but being around all of those characters has helped me form who I am and strengthen my confidence. I don't care about having a million and one friends because half of them hate you, stab you in the back or are so miserable with themselves that want to bring your spirit down as well. 

I used to wonder why people at the top traveled with their family and very few friends or why the friends they were photographed with were other people at the top. Be around people whose goals are similar or whose goals are higher than yours. Another thing my mom always told me was "Whitney, be around people who have more than you. Because they will inspire you in so many different ways." Now that I'm maturing, I fully understand what she said. Don't be around the weak minded because their weak minds will rub off on you and you will never get to where you are trying to go. 

If you're around people who have nothing they will try to pull you down with them. (like crabs in a pot) People who have more are genuinely your friend. They don't want you for your money because they have their own, they don't want you for your mind because they have their own. They want you because they like your personality and your strength. So I said all of this to say....

BE STRONG...and let go of the WEAK

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