Friday, December 31, 2010

Overwhelmed and misunderstood

I haven't been blogging as much lately because I am going through serious family issues. I have had to make very hard decisions and I have been forced to grow up in a week. I thought i was mature for my age, but I realized I had never really been through anything hard. I never had to put my maturity to the test and I never had to stand up and be more than what I already was. I know everything happens for a reason but I ask that the reason be made clear so that I can fix it from its roots. I need a prayer, I need a break and I need a friend.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rough Day

Today was one of the hardest days ever. I worked until the soles of my feet screamed, I made a few life changing decisions and I'm having trouble understanding the consequences. It's not easy being a boss :(

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today was a wonderful day.... but it has turned bittersweet. I thank God for Mr. Parker and my mother....without them..I would be as weak as a black woman's hair thats gone bleach blonde.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

If it looks like a Boss, Walks like a Boss, Talks like a Boss...Its definitely a boss

Yesterday, My mom took me shopping. She spent over $500.00 on a new wardrobe for me. Picture this, my closet filled with all dresses, leggings, pants, shirts, blazers, and shoes. All black everything. I told my mom I was thinking about changing the salon colors to black, white and red. She replied and said " That's a great idea, but if you're going to be a Boss, you must dress like a Boss."

I found myself looking at gold tops, pink tops and she reminded me that in order to get the employees to respond to my new dress code, I would have to set an example. I am a lucky woman. I'm excited to be taking care of the little things before the first of the month so that I can handle business accordingly when I take over. 

I'm so happy...Happiest I've ever been :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

If no one is talking about you, you're doing something wrong

My aunt Marilyn is a huge influence in my life. She is successful, honest, loving and helpful. When I went to Vegas, she showed me the best time. I met a lot of celebrities and I developed a life plan and set expectations for myself. She was supportive of my relationship and she welcomed me with open arms. One thing she told me was don't worry about other people and what they think about you because the only person who judges you in the end is God. She told me not to worry what people were saying about me but to be glad that I was important enough to be on their minds. My mom used to tell me that all the time, but I guess it hit harder hearing it from someone else. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to ALL

This Christmas, I realized that I'm not really a Christmas person. I enjoy being with family but its not the same without Mr. Parker here. Today we went to my aunt elaine's for a Christmas brunch. It was beautiful, I really enjoy that side of my family. Love is everywhere and you can feel it as soon as you walk in. One thing I noticed was Mr. Parker would feel so welcomed and comfortable here.  I can't wait until we are reunited together. I know that we will be forever.

My family kept asking about my graduation and what gifts I wanted but its only something that mr. Parker can give me. The most amazing gift would be to get engaged. One thing my family helped me notice today was nothing is promised. Not even tomorrow. People always say your'e to young to get married or you should go out and travel the world, but the most I want from life today is Mr. Parker and if tomorrow isn't promised I should have him today....I don't care what anyone says anymore.

Friday, December 24, 2010

How can you be a boss when your family doesn't even respect you?

I was watching Tabatha's salon takeover today and it was an episode about a family running a salon together. The oldest sister was the owner of the salon and the head of the family. Her sisters were employed at the salon and they walked all over her. They would not listen to her and she repeatedly embarrassed them in front of customers.

One of the important things that Tabatha mentioned was that your life at home relates strongly with your life at work. Their home was a mess, and their salon was a mess as well. Tabatha decided to have a pajama party and get to know the girls a little more and mend their relationship. The sisters did not respect their boss and older sister. As a result of that, the other employees did not respect her.

Taking the BOSS position at the salon can be very rewarding but only if majority of your staff is supportive and respectful. I realized that I cannot expect my employees to honor and respect me to when my sister and mother do not. I hold no power until my mother gives it to me. I don't know how long that will take but I hope it comes soon because I have great plans for the salon. My technique and hair care knowledge is expanding rapidly and my marketing ideas are only getting better.

I can prove to my family that I have what it takes, but I need their faith and their support in order to be the best I can be. Surprisingly, its been really hard to blog lately. I guess my mind is so consumed with work. I have so much to blog about but I just don't know where to start. I'm feeling some kind of way and I don't know what to do with this emotion. :/

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas...I guess the Holiday Spirit skipped me

I'm so not into lying to children about Santa and elves and crap. Its bad enough some myth gets to take the credit for all your hard work, but to give a child a false idol, or someone to look forward to every year is just wrong. Telling your children there is no Santa is not a crime and you're not stealing their innocence. Christmas is about Jesus, Mary and the manger. Its not about some fat guy crawling down your chimney (when most of us don't even have those) eating your cookies, drinking your milk and leaving you gifts. 

My mom is a huge procrastinator. I guess that's where I get it from. We went to Target tonight and not only was it packed with kids running around crazy, toys all over the store, and lost parents looking to trick their kids once again. The lines led out the door. We went to get my little brother a few Christmas things and it reminded me why I love online shopping. I get stressed out just looking at chaos. I guess that's something I have to change in order to be the best BOSS I can be. 

On to other business, my mother officially announced my new position at the salon. I held my first meeting with the employees and it went perfectly. My mom told me she was very impressed. I didn't know how to mom complimented me. All of the employees seem excited for me to take over because they think I'm just a nice, pushover boss. When it comes to business, I'm nice second and Nolan first. I have a lot of expectations of them and I'm sure they do with me.  

My mom wants to throw an inauguration for me when I take over. I feel so important and special. She wants to make it a big event like my graduation party will be. Now all I have to do before the party is get some friends (lol)...real friends. I am the age now where I can recognize a snake...before I hear it slithering through the woods. I am on a much mature level and I need to start being around people who are on the same page. 

Until Tomorrow.....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Moving Truck...It's sad I have all of those beautiful things and nowhere to put them.

Moving was complete HELL....but I think I would have completely gone mad if it wasn't for my brother William. He helped a great deal. People call us twins and of course I'm the better looking one ;) but you be the judge. Here's a few pics of my handsome bro...

Thanks to this move from the Chi back Home was as smooth as it could have been... 
Love you bro...I owe you the whole liquor store lol....

Here is the tremendous task he conquered.

Blood is thicker than water? I don't agree

One thing I've learned is a hater can disguise themselves in any body. The disappointing thing is that it includes family. A lot of people were raised to believe that blood is thicker than water and that family comes first, but not me. I was raised by a woman who was not my blood but I will put her before ANY blood relative on the Earth. I think relationships are as thick as you allow them to be. 

People show off most for their family. Those two aunts who always competed for everything..the best cook, the one closest to your mother, and the one who has the best job and married the best man. The two uncles who compete to see whose the strongest and whose closest to mom. With family everything is a competition.  People don't compete with strangers because they are insignificant. And if they do its for something minor like a promotion or employee of the month. 

I do not believe that family means blood. My entire family is connected through love, not blood. In fact, none of us are blood related but they have proven to be stronger and thicker than cement. They have held me together my whole life. We expect nothing but the best from each other. I just don't understand how someone who wants to announce their relation to you bring up petty things like money and time and favors. When it comes to family, there's no tallying, no favors, no competition. You do things for people  because you love them. Even if you don't want to do do them because you were asked. 

Blood is NOT thicker than water....water is pure but blood is tainted. Blood hates just like strangers do...but family daggers hurt worse than a strangers. 

Just Saying

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I was honestly very sad when the countdown began to me moving back to DC.  But I'm a little at ease now that I'm home. This is my adorable almost grown little brother Kamari.

 He said the cutest thing to me this morning. He was sitting next to me looking at this girl's page on facebook. He asked me to tell her hello. I told him we weren't friends anymore and that we drifted apart. He asked me why and I just said she was a rude, sad person. He goes.."Well does that mean, I cant be her friend?" I said you can still be her friend, he goes..."nevermind, she disrespected you and thats not ok." lmao...He's so grown. Meanwhile, the countdown begins. Although I love my house, this whole being 21 and living with your parents thing is so not cool. I have to find my own place. I can't wait to start transforming the salon. I have so many things planned....can't wait :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Since I won't allow tomorrow to kill me....I know it will make me stronger

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm leaving my lovely apartment in Chicago and Domino(my puppy) and I are headed back to D.C. It's bittersweet. I wish I could pick up my apartment, my friends and a few extra people and move them back with me. Instead, I am being forced to live with my mom again until I can find an affordable place. I've been so used to living alone that I'm not sure if I can smoothly transform into the baby I was before I left for college. 

Domino is knocked out, peacefully resting, while I'm awake looking at all of the incomplete crap I'll have to finish tomorrow. With my knee issues, its been hard for me to move at a normal pace. Anyways, tomorrow Uncle Donald is coming to save the day...He always treats me like a princess and with my knee injury, I'm sure he will lend four helping hands. 

Tuesday, I return back to the salon and start planning my transformation into CEO of Natural Motion Beauty Salon. Wish me luck :)


Words from the Wise....My Mommy :)

My mom opened the salon when she was just 18 years-old. She was an entrepreneur before she even had a chance to attend college. My mom was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina and when she finally came to Washington, D.C. she was very country and not familiar with the city life. In fact the way she came to own the salon was because the previous owner duped her into thinking if he ever sold, the new owners would fire her, so she bought the salon. Without further education and a southern mind, my mom managed to keep a business alive for more than 40 years. 

I have to say that although I am the first in my family to graduate, I have a lot to learn from those who are smart because of the experiences life has brought them. My mom may not have a college education but she's the smartest woman I know and she's the one I go to when I need advice. 

I have had a lot against me this semester. Most of the issues I had to deal with were school and relationship related. And when I say relationships, I mean friendships, work relationships, family relationships and my relationship with Mr. Parker. My mom always to told me to accept people for who they are. There are times when you meet someone and you cant stand something about them. If you choose to have that person in your life you can't always think about what you don't like about deal with the person you know and you love them for who they are. This rule goes for any relationship. 

At times, people misunderstand who I really am and take that for granted. I have seriously matured this semester. I made "executive decisions" and let go of some people, I've made mistakes and I've even made selfish decisions.  But the good thing is the people I have chosen to be a part of my life are the people who have accepted me in every skin I've been in. Mr. Parker and I have struggled with my move back to DC. There was a point where the move defined our relationship but we have both accepted it for what it is. We are in this together, and when I feel overwhelmed, Mr. Parker is there with his strong support, and when he's feeling upset, I am there to sooth him and be the voice of reason.

Its important to find your "better half" The one who is your opposite at times of need. That person that when you're not feeling as confident, is your biggest advocate. The person who tells you the truth no matter what and the person who is not trying to please you and get your attention. Mr. Parker is my biggest fan, and with him and my mom, I will be able to assume the BOSS position as soon as possible.          

My mommy at the shop

Me and Mr. Parker

Saturday, December 18, 2010

You wanted more....Guess what...Here's more

This is a continuation to the first video I posted.  :)

As promised....Me anchoring :)

This was the last show I anchored on Metro Minutes. My co-anchor was the lovely Amber 


I enjoy anchoring so much. Once I get acquainted as BOSS...I plan on pursuing my dreams as an entertainment reporter or anchor. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Doing what I do best....Reporting :)

Here's a few stories I wrote, edited, and produced for my Metro Minutes class. I can truly say I see a tremendous improvement in my work. I'm very proud of these pieces and hope I get the chance again to be a reporter or anchor. Enjoy.....

Paws Chicago Package

Tasteful Manners Package

I'll have more up tomorrow. Coming up next...I'll show you my anchoring skills

Bye Columbia... :(

So the semester officially ended yesterday and even though I am now, officially a college Grad...I'm sad about leaving all my friends especially with all that we've gone through together. This is my Metro Minutes class, surprisingly my favorite class of the semester. Ill be including some of my work from this class on my blog very soon :) 

I'm gonna miss these guys :(

I love you guys....can't wait to come back and visit...

On to other things.....

This year, I've lost a few acquaintances who I believed were my friends but I realized what friendship really meant. 

"Friends are born, not made."
~ Henry Adams

My mom always told me that I would meet the best people in college who would be a part of my life forever, but i can also say I have met the worst people too. I have met the jealous, evil, sad, lonely, dumb, hateful, and grossest people but being around all of those characters has helped me form who I am and strengthen my confidence. I don't care about having a million and one friends because half of them hate you, stab you in the back or are so miserable with themselves that want to bring your spirit down as well. 

I used to wonder why people at the top traveled with their family and very few friends or why the friends they were photographed with were other people at the top. Be around people whose goals are similar or whose goals are higher than yours. Another thing my mom always told me was "Whitney, be around people who have more than you. Because they will inspire you in so many different ways." Now that I'm maturing, I fully understand what she said. Don't be around the weak minded because their weak minds will rub off on you and you will never get to where you are trying to go. 

If you're around people who have nothing they will try to pull you down with them. (like crabs in a pot) People who have more are genuinely your friend. They don't want you for your money because they have their own, they don't want you for your mind because they have their own. They want you because they like your personality and your strength. So I said all of this to say....

BE STRONG...and let go of the WEAK

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Working your way to the're bound to lose a few weaklings who couldn't handle journey

I have a lot of issues with friendships since I've been in school. From elementary to college, I realized that I trust people too easily and that is not a good trait for a Boss to possess. I've gained friends and enemies and as much as I used to care that everyone liked me, I realize that Bosses and CEO's don't worry what people think about them...because they're bosses and CEO's DUH!!!!!! And neither will I. I look at the people that have walked out, been pushed and even dragged out of my life and it just shows me the weak people I needed to get rid of anyway. I'm not a people pleaser anymore. I am Whitney Michelle and I know I have more support and love than I do hate and jealousy....I'm doing big things....and proud of it. 

smiles :)

Rae May
Best friend the world...she's got my best interest at heart

Britt Brat

When I say I can't...she tells me I can

Bishara (roomie)

Always carries positive energy...she passes it off to me

My minnie me

My little sis...has such a "BIG" influence on me. I stay positive because she looks up to me

My mommy :)

I'm a boss because of this woman...It's in my blood

All of these people have helped me in one way or another. I love them, appreciate them, and I am thankful to have them. Even though I had to let go of some of my "closest" friends, I can say these people have greatly made up for my loses. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Phase One to becoming a Boss...make executive decisions

I learned that from Mr. Parker. The first thing I did when I found out I would be taking over the business was create a commercial that almost served as a coming out..or welcoming, signing the CEO title over to me. Here it is.....

I'm going home in 5 days and although my journey as Boss will officially begin, my biggest fan and Boss Coach won't be there to see me in action :( 

This past year I have realized how much I appreciate my family and friends. But most of all, Mr. Parker has a huge input to why I decided to go home and help instead of venturing out to find my niche in the great world of broadcasting. When I blow Up big...I owe my success to him. 

My best friend, My mentor, My heart

A picture says 1000 words...Here's a few of Me :)

Me with my mom and little sister

Me and Mr. Parker (my best half)

Intro to Me

21st Birthday :)

Yup...thats me. The night before my 21st Birthday. I know your 21st birthday usually marks a huge milestone but for me it was enormous. It wasn't just about  the drinking. 21 is the age that I would be graduating from college, it is the age at which I can truly label myself a woman and most importantly, it is the age where I would take over the family business. I guess I always expected to help my mother with her vision but it finally just registered that I am a 21 year old entrepreneur.