Tuesday, December 28, 2010

If it looks like a Boss, Walks like a Boss, Talks like a Boss...Its definitely a boss

Yesterday, My mom took me shopping. She spent over $500.00 on a new wardrobe for me. Picture this, my closet filled with all black...black dresses, leggings, pants, shirts, blazers, and shoes. All black everything. I told my mom I was thinking about changing the salon colors to black, white and red. She replied and said " That's a great idea, but if you're going to be a Boss, you must dress like a Boss."

I found myself looking at gold tops, pink tops and she reminded me that in order to get the employees to respond to my new dress code, I would have to set an example. I am a lucky woman. I'm excited to be taking care of the little things before the first of the month so that I can handle business accordingly when I take over. 

I'm so happy...Happiest I've ever been :)

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