Sunday, December 19, 2010

Since I won't allow tomorrow to kill me....I know it will make me stronger

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm leaving my lovely apartment in Chicago and Domino(my puppy) and I are headed back to D.C. It's bittersweet. I wish I could pick up my apartment, my friends and a few extra people and move them back with me. Instead, I am being forced to live with my mom again until I can find an affordable place. I've been so used to living alone that I'm not sure if I can smoothly transform into the baby I was before I left for college. 

Domino is knocked out, peacefully resting, while I'm awake looking at all of the incomplete crap I'll have to finish tomorrow. With my knee issues, its been hard for me to move at a normal pace. Anyways, tomorrow Uncle Donald is coming to save the day...He always treats me like a princess and with my knee injury, I'm sure he will lend four helping hands. 

Tuesday, I return back to the salon and start planning my transformation into CEO of Natural Motion Beauty Salon. Wish me luck :)


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