Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I was honestly very sad when the countdown began to me moving back to DC.  But I'm a little at ease now that I'm home. This is my adorable almost grown little brother Kamari.

 He said the cutest thing to me this morning. He was sitting next to me looking at this girl's page on facebook. He asked me to tell her hello. I told him we weren't friends anymore and that we drifted apart. He asked me why and I just said she was a rude, sad person. He goes.."Well does that mean, I cant be her friend?" I said you can still be her friend, he goes..."nevermind, she disrespected you and thats not ok." lmao...He's so grown. Meanwhile, the countdown begins. Although I love my house, this whole being 21 and living with your parents thing is so not cool. I have to find my own place. I can't wait to start transforming the salon. I have so many things planned....can't wait :)

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