Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas...I guess the Holiday Spirit skipped me

I'm so not into lying to children about Santa and elves and crap. Its bad enough some myth gets to take the credit for all your hard work, but to give a child a false idol, or someone to look forward to every year is just wrong. Telling your children there is no Santa is not a crime and you're not stealing their innocence. Christmas is about Jesus, Mary and the manger. Its not about some fat guy crawling down your chimney (when most of us don't even have those) eating your cookies, drinking your milk and leaving you gifts. 

My mom is a huge procrastinator. I guess that's where I get it from. We went to Target tonight and not only was it packed with kids running around crazy, toys all over the store, and lost parents looking to trick their kids once again. The lines led out the door. We went to get my little brother a few Christmas things and it reminded me why I love online shopping. I get stressed out just looking at chaos. I guess that's something I have to change in order to be the best BOSS I can be. 

On to other business, my mother officially announced my new position at the salon. I held my first meeting with the employees and it went perfectly. My mom told me she was very impressed. I didn't know how to mom complimented me. All of the employees seem excited for me to take over because they think I'm just a nice, pushover boss. When it comes to business, I'm nice second and Nolan first. I have a lot of expectations of them and I'm sure they do with me.  

My mom wants to throw an inauguration for me when I take over. I feel so important and special. She wants to make it a big event like my graduation party will be. Now all I have to do before the party is get some friends (lol)...real friends. I am the age now where I can recognize a snake...before I hear it slithering through the woods. I am on a much mature level and I need to start being around people who are on the same page. 

Until Tomorrow.....

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