Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blood is thicker than water? I don't agree

One thing I've learned is a hater can disguise themselves in any body. The disappointing thing is that it includes family. A lot of people were raised to believe that blood is thicker than water and that family comes first, but not me. I was raised by a woman who was not my blood but I will put her before ANY blood relative on the Earth. I think relationships are as thick as you allow them to be. 

People show off most for their family. Those two aunts who always competed for everything..the best cook, the one closest to your mother, and the one who has the best job and married the best man. The two uncles who compete to see whose the strongest and whose closest to mom. With family everything is a competition.  People don't compete with strangers because they are insignificant. And if they do its for something minor like a promotion or employee of the month. 

I do not believe that family means blood. My entire family is connected through love, not blood. In fact, none of us are blood related but they have proven to be stronger and thicker than cement. They have held me together my whole life. We expect nothing but the best from each other. I just don't understand how someone who wants to announce their relation to you bring up petty things like money and time and favors. When it comes to family, there's no tallying, no favors, no competition. You do things for people  because you love them. Even if you don't want to do do them because you were asked. 

Blood is NOT thicker than water....water is pure but blood is tainted. Blood hates just like strangers do...but family daggers hurt worse than a strangers. 

Just Saying

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